Thoradin Hammerfist

Tobin Hammerfist.

Son of Sarek Hammerfist, great hero during the War of the Dominion and Lord of the Hammerfist Clan located in the Ironforge Mountains.

Tobin has been told all through out his young life of the great deeds of his father and how he himself was also destined for great things as well. How he would some day lead the proud and mighty Hammerfist Clan. Tobin, was trained in the ways of the Paladin and a devout follower of Moradin. Tobin was made a captain of the Royal Guard. All this of course was because of Tobin’s birthright rather than his merit.

Tobin felt a great deal of pressure to fill the shoes of his father and to live up to his “destiny.” Tobin never confided this to anyone. Tobin had never been in a real battle either. (His first time being the kobold attack on Wellspring).

Tobin came to a point where the pressure became too great and decided to leave the fortress of Ironforge under the cloak of darkness. He told no one. Tobin Hammerfist went by the name “Thoradin” (to avoid being recognized) and began his own personal journey of self discovery.

Tobin has never left Ironforge, so is therefore unaware of the ways of the world.

Thoradin Hammerfist

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