Drogo Burrows

Drogo Burrows (Paul Yee’s Halfling Rogue)

Drogo Burrows is the golden child to the great Orgulas Burrows. Orgulas was a grand adventurer that set out at a young age to find excitement and see the lands. He trained and worked to become a rogue of some renown and used the treasure to fund his love of invention.

Orgulas became a master artisan of locks and gadgetry. Orgulas was also a member to a secret group that involved Halflings, Humans and Elves. The group bore the mark of the “Crystal Spider.” It was a society created ages ago to protect the noble families of the three races. The society ensured their protection from other groups that wished to have these families eliminated for personal gain and held secrets of the many families. Orgulas was allowed in after meeting some fellow companions and stories of their grand adventures spread across the lands.

Orgulas and Iris raised Drogo for 10 years. One day Orgulas, was ordered by the society for a job they needed him to do, was to find an assassin that was going to attack one of the royal human families and stop him. Orgulas never spoke of his task, but left one day never to return.

Drogo now wanders the wilderness alone. His mother was killed when a raiding party attacked and Drogo was out playing in the fields. Drogo hid so that the invaders wouldn’t find him, but was left alone at age 13. He has been a wandering Hobbit living on his wits for the last 5 years. Drogo steals and tricks for survival and fights to defend himself and travels around so he can escape when things get out of hand. Uneducated formally, he has much to learn about the world as it happens

Drogo has long Blonde Hair with Blue Eyes, Reserved and Confident, Impatient at times and generally does things for personal gain. He has been alone and trying to take advantage of every situation for a long time now. He seeks wealth and fortune since he has lived without it for so long. He will possibly stand for just causes if it can have personal gain. He keeps a regal appearance even though he is not of royal blood. Believes he is a prince and loves the lavish things in life. Works too hard to gain luxury items because he thinks he deserves them.

Drogo Burrows

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