Captain Cecile B Alaineo

Cecile B. Alaineo come from a the one night union of a bar maid and a drunken man who claimed to be king of a lost continent. Raised by his single mother until the age of 13, he was taught to believe he is in fact a displaced Royalty and will one day find his lost father and rejoin his Kingdom…

Soon after his 13th birthday, Cecile was drafted into the infantry services of the legendary Prince Hedrean of Presten to battle with the traitorous Arch-Duke of Kragg and his newly formed army of mercenaries. Ten years later, Cecile attained the rank of Captain and lead a small detachment of novice troops.

Then came the faithful day when the Army of Prince Hedrean and the Arch-Duke clashed in a famous Battle at Black Emers. Local legends say almost every member of both armies were wiped out by some unknown force. Cecile was found several miles from the battle field wondering in a daze and with no memory of what had happened.

Currently, Cecile makes his living as a wondering hired sword and overall scoundrel.

Captain Cecile B Alaineo

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