The Dragonborn Prophecy

The Mines of Loria

[First Draft] If you guys remember details, feel free to edit

Sequence of events Skill Encounter: The Lightning Storm Result: Victory!

Neelani the Cleric comes to save Cecile at Roland’s request.

The party goes through a vision where Pelor communicates with them. They are shown a powerful adventuring group battling a dark void. I will have to look through my notes for more details. “I attack the darkness!”

Neelani and Roland promise to protect Captain Cecile while the party travels to the Mines of Loria to seek out the disturbance.

Skill Encounter: Talking to the Miners Result: Victory!

The group enters cave and face various monsters.

Group defeats 2 Guards and faces the minions of the Necromancer to save Saral and bring him back to safety.

Return to the Inn of Preston and find Neelani and Roland hurt possibly killed


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